Our Journey to the house - "The sky is the limit"

Our Journey to the house - "The sky is the limit" 

Hello, I asked for two minutes of  your time to read my personal story - 

Nice to meet you, my name is Noa Harish.
I will start at the end – I Bought a House In Yoqneam Illit, and paid an advance 100,000 shekels, and had to pay more 584,000 shekels, which the bank didn’t agree to give me (I will write about it), I remembered you said that a creative thinking even you problems that seem hard to be solved is the way to solve it, and no one should talk me out of it.

So that’s what I did – I created a campaign – "Sky the Limit" – and ask for a lawn from the people. I don’t want and I don’t need a donation, just a lawn so I can buy the house is already ready.
This is my story – and the reasons the bank didn’t gave me mortgage – 
I'm 39 years old, I'm divorced for 5 years and have a sharing Parenthood, that’s how we raze 3 kids (12, 10, 8) and we don’t have alimony, because every one of us, want to be able to have a stable house for our children.
Two years ago I make a dream and end successfully a surrogate process with a great couple that didn’t have kids, while I was pregnant we found a cancer in my body, I was giving life and got my life back.
Between two surgeries I signed up to a lottery that’s the state do to buy a house in law price, I won 2 lotteries in number 18!
Today I accompanier to couple hwo decided to get divorce, to do it the best way they can, and activate to women and man who suffering in this process, voluntarily.
As I told you, I paid 100,000 shekels, but I don’t get a mortgage from the bank.
Very good people in Israel and Israelis that live outside of Israel, has been lawn me over 320,000 shekels till now (some of them just gave as a present).
I have this month (March) to finish this journey at the only way I know- successfully, I'm writing to you, and ask for your help – I ask for a lawn and for your help to reach the goal. I'm willing to publish your help – this is the firs journey ever been made here.

all I'm ask is one loan of 50$.
I will pay back in the next two years or by ABC family name, as your wish.

Thank you with all my hurt,
The fundraising follows Amalia CPA Pootle
POB 643
Kfar Tavor 15241 Phone - 04-6770033fks - 04-6770034

 Loan By PayPal - to pay in Dollar

 please after transfer the mony send me an email - allofus4luck@gmail.com 

With the following information:
Date loan
full name
Normal mailing address
Bank account details for a refund
And a document confirming receipt of the loan will be sent by email.

Thank you all,

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